Argos, Skylark of 1937, Sea Lion and Thendara are the first time winners of the ix Copa del Rey – Panerai Trophy

September 2012

Weather conditions prevented competition on the third and last of the scheduled three days of the Minorca-IX King’s Cup-Panerai Trophy Classic Yacht Race. The Tramontana made its presence felt with force on Thursday when two legs were disputed over the Minorca regatta course, the first with a triangular and the second a coastal layout. The 30 knots wind and the heavy-to-rough sea conditions prevailing on the regatta course caused the regatta committee to suspend Saturday’s racing, for the second day running.

Despite the little opportunity that the fleet had had to compete, the atmosphere did not diminish at any time. Club Marítimo de Mahón brought together some fifty of the finest classic and period vessels, which for a few days shared the regatta course, the pontoons, the breakfasts and dinners at the club. The public flocked in numbers throughout the week to get a close look at this collection of classic boats, the best in their category.

The podium in each of the divisions was occupied for the first time in the nine years history of the circuit by such new faces as the ‘Thendara’, in the Big Boats division, the ‘Argos’ in Classics, the ‘Skylark of 1937’ in the Marconi Period and the ‘Sea Lion’, which succeeded in stealing first place from Javier Pujol’s ‘Calima’ in Spirit of Tradition for the first time in the history of the King’s Cup.

Gonzalo Infante, the skipper of the ‘Argos’, built in 1964 at the Carabela boatyards in Barcelona and in hands of its present owner, Luciano Díaz Canedo, since 1966, made the following comments on his victory: “We had the good fortune to make the right decisions in the first and second race, after being second and third in another edition and taking part in four editions of the King’s Cup-Panerai Trophy. Our boat is sturdy and the crew has been sailing together for 25 years and we have a very close understanding. The start here in Mahon is spectacular and arrival in port with all the spinnakers flying is splendid”.

The 'Bona Fide’ is the only one to repeat as a winner in its brig sail category. This 1899 cutter, belonging to Giuseppe Giordano, the winner of the gold medal in its class during the Paris Olympic Games of 1900, had already taken the trophy in its category in 2008 in Mahón.

Every one of these vessels, along with the second and third placed in each division, received silver commemorative plates from the hands of the authorities and organizing clubs, whiled the outright winners in each of the four divisions received an exclusive Panerai watch from the Managing Director of Panerai Iberia, Mario Giménez.

The outright champion of the Panerai Trophy 2012 in Mahon in the Period Boats division was Manuel Carlos de Mello’s ‘Sea Lion’. In the Classic Yachts division Luciano Díaz Canedo’s ‘Argos’ took the title for the first time, while in the Big Boats division, Peter Engles’ ‘Thendara’ was proclaimed the winner in its second participation in the King’s Cup.

In the late afternoon, in the presence of the authorities, the organizing committee, the Spanish Sailing Federation and Panerai, trophies were awarded to the winners both of the Minorca-IX King’s Cup-Panerai Trophy Classic Yacht Race, in its different categories, and of the III Mare Nostrum Classic Trophy, of which the Minorca-King’s Cup-Panerai Trophy Classic Sailing Event also forms part, where the winners in their respective classes were also Argos, Malabar X, Manitou and Tichiy Don.

Angelo Bonati, the President of Officine Panerai, summed up the importance of the King’s Cup-Panerai Trophy in the following words: “In spite of the economic situation, we have succeeded in assembling in Mahon some fifty fine high-quality vessels. The location of this regatta is magnificent and, what is more, this week the full moon has also cooperated in illuminating the fleet by night, which has conferred even greater beauty on the regatta as a whole. We are fully aware that the King’s Cup-Panerai Trophy is quite special because the owners come back, they like the regatta course and the atmosphere, and they have a great time. Our aim is to create an agreeable environment for the fleet so that they feel at home”.

Spain’s largest regatta for period and classic boats, co-organized by Club Marítimo de Mahón and Real Club Náutico de Barcelona, and the only Spanish regatta belonging to the Panerai Classic Yachts Challenge Circuit, sponsored by Officine Panerai, enjoyed the presence over 500 yachtsmen and 47 of the finest classic and period vessels in the Mediterranean from 11 countries, 12 of which were taking part for the first time. This circuit, considered to be the best in the world in its class, stops over at some of the landmark ports in the Mediterranean, such as Antibes, Imperia, Cannes or Mahon.

The next destination of the Panerai Classic Yachts Challenge Circuit is the Vele d’Epoca Imperia, Italia, from 5-9 September. This year’s calendar will be brought to a close in Cannes, France, with the Régates Royales, from 25-29 September. After that, the Panerai Transat Classique, in which the best classic and period boats will be crossing the Atlantic from Cascais, Portugal, to Barbados, is to be disputed as from 2 December.

  • Argos, Skylark of 1937, Sea Lion and Thendara are the  first time winners of the ix Copa del Rey – Panerai Trophy
  • Argos, Skylark of 1937, Sea Lion and Thendara are the  first time winners of the ix Copa del Rey – Panerai Trophy

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