X Copa del Rey de Barcos de Época in Mahon

August 2013

28 August 2013.- This year we are proud to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Copa del Rey de Barcos de Época Trofeo Panerai. The throphy, organized by “Club Marítimo de Mahón (CMM)” and “Real Club Nàutic de Barcelona (RCNB)” in association with “Real Federación Española de Vela (RFEV)” and the “Real Asociación Nacional de Cruceros (RANC)” will be held between August 29th and 31st, both includes, in Mahón (Menorca) waters. This race is considered one of the amours and crews favorite spots thanks to the natural characteristics of the bay of Mahón as well as for the Mediterranean optimum weather.

Is has been established as an obligatory event for classic yacht lovers and professionals all over the international classic yachts circuit in Spain and also worldwide. Over fifty yachts built between 1903 and 1975, representing 12 countries, have already confirmed their presence.

The “Copa del Rey de Barcos de Época” is the only one Spanish regatta included in the Panerai Classic Yacht Challenge Circuit, composed by different international races in America and Mediterranean sea. This Trophy is part of the “Circuito Mare Nostrum” within the races “Illes Balears Clàssics (Club de Mar)”, “Puig Vela Clàssica (Real Club Nàutic de Barcelona)” and “Cartagena Vela Clásica (Federación de Vela Región de Murcia)”.

Legendary regatta

For the first time since it was born, the “X Copa del Rey de Barcos de Época Trofeo Panerai” will show the four survivors of the legendary FI15 class, that will be racing in an own class and will compete in real time.

The participation of Lady Ann (1912), Mariska (1908), Tuiga (1909) and Hispania (1909) is the main attraction of this 10th edition. These yachts will offer an unprecedented show in Menorca. 

5 Classes, 5 races

The boats that take part in classic and vintage boat rallies and regattas are divided into three different categories: Vintage Yachts, Classic Yachts and Spirit of Tradition. The X Copa del Rey de Barcos de Época will include the Big Boats category and an specific one for the FI15 Class.

Vintage Yachts are defined by the CIM as being built from wood or metal and launched before December 31st 1949, while Classic Yachts are built from metal or wood and launched before December 31st 1975. The Spirit of Tradition Yachts are craft which are built after 1970, along classic lines, but using modern materials and techniques. They must have a look that is true to traditional designs. This year the Panerai Trophy will also have the FI15 Class and Big Boats category (more than 30 meters length).

Vela Clásica Menorca

Mahón’s Panerai Trophy is, since his birth in 2003, an inescapable meeting of the International Classic Yachts Circuit Vela Clásica Menorca. This edition coincides with a real traditional sailing fever in Spain and is the culmination of a very tight scheduled that included this year races in Mallorca, Barcelona and Cartagena.

This race is one of the ten regattas of the Panerai Classic Yachts Challenge. Menorca’s date comes after Antigua, Antibes, Argentario, Napoles, Cowes, Newport, Nantucket and before Newport and Cannes.

  • X Copa del Rey de Barcos de Época in Mahon

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