Challenge of challenges

The Challenge of Challenges is a race within a race, between two yachts of the same category which have decided to challenge each other at sea. There are no prizes or ratings but the final choice of the rules at sea will be defined directly by the owners of the yachts. There are no protests. The spirit of gentlemen yachtsmen will apply solely and exclusively, and the winner will be the first to cross the finishing line. The yachts which may challenge each other must naturally be in the same group so that the starting and finishing procedures are the same. The racing rules are those of the organising Yacht Club and the procedures or signals will be the same as those already published by the Racing Committee. The challenges are defined per stage and per class, subdivided as follows:

  • Les Voiles d’Antibes – Vintage
  • Argentario Sailing Week – Classic Yachts
  • Vele d’epoca Imperia, Imperia – Spirit of Tradition
  • Régates Royales, Cannes – Big Boats

Entries will be made directly at the Yacht Club, during the first day of the regatta, up to 6 p.m. To ensure proper organisation, up to three challenges per event will be accepted, between yachts which are competing in the same category/class/start, as defined by the Organising Committee of the regatta.


Circuit Méditerranéen